26 Most Successful Horror Film Franchises

We crunched the numbers: Here's a countdown of the 26 highest-earning horror movie franchises according to unadjusted domestic box office gross.

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Kathy Bates Goes From Zero to Maniacal in 'Misery'

Celebrate the greatest villains in TV and movie history with a look at Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in the 1990 film Misery, based on the Stephen King novel.

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Indie Focus: True Story of 'The Lovers and the Despot'

This documentary chronicles the saga of a South Korean director and his ex-wife, who were kidnapped by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il and forced to make propaganda films.

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The name "Imperium" is Latin but commonly used in German, meaning "empire", and is synonymous with the German word "Reich", although never in the context of the German Empire ("das deutsche Kaiserreich") or the Third Reich ("das dritte Reich"). However, English-speaking Neonazis do frequently refer to a "Western Imperium" as a theoretical future global empire following their political and philosophical views.

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