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‘Baskets’ Star Louie Anderson Pleads for the Normalization of Clown Culture in New PSAs — Watch

13 September 2017 4:51 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

October is right around the corner, which means it’s officially clown season. Yes, Halloween hype brings pumpkin spice, actual pumpkins, and healthy pumpkin seed recipes. But in addition to the frothy goodness and unassuming flavor, Pennywise’s loyal followers begin to crop up on every street corner in the U.S.

Christine Baskets (the Emmy-winning Louie Anderson) wants to set the record straight — clowns are people, too. And most importantly, not all of them are dead set on frightening every man, woman, and child on the subway for seemingly no reason.

Read More:‘The Crown,’ ‘Feud,’ and ‘Victoria’ Battle for Best Score Emmys — Listen

In order to “Honor Our Nation’s Clowns” (Honc), Christine serves her role as a Proud Clown Parent by hosting 30-second PSAs giving advice to other clown parents who write in. Can’t seem to keep a banana cream pie in the house without a mess and a crying child? »

- Raelyn Giansanti

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Student Academy Award Winners Revealed: These 17 Shorts Will Now Be Eligible for an Oscar

13 September 2017 3:43 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 44th Student Academy Award winners today. The 17 winners were selected from 1,587 films, which came from 356 different international colleges and universities — 267 domestic, 89 international — and were voted on by Academy members.

There’s a long history of Student Academy Award winners going on to have successful filmmaking careers, with previous winners including Patricia Cardoso, Pete Docter, Cary Fukunaga, John Lasseter, Spike Lee, Trey Parker, and Robert Zemeckis.

Also of note, the 17 winners are automatically Oscar eligible in the Best Short Film categories: Animation, Documentary, and Live Action. Past student award winners have gone on the receive 57 Oscar nominations and won 11 times.

The 44th Student Academy Awards ceremony will held at the The Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills on October 12th. Tickets to the ceremony are free and available to the public at the Academy’s website. A complete list of the winners is below. »

- Chris O'Falt

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‘Supermansion: Drag Me to Halloween’ Trailer: Bryan Cranston and Lake Bell Serve Tricks and Treats in Holiday Special

13 September 2017 3:08 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

This Halloween, The League of Freedom will face their fears on Crackle in an all-new original special, “Supermansion: Drag Me To Halloween.” A nod to Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me To Hell,” fans can only guess at what the horror film’s influence will make on the comedy.

The epic two-season stop-motion animated series documents the ill-adventures of misfit superhero team The League of Freedom: In “Drag Me To Halloween,” Titanium Rex (voice of Bryan Cranston) wrestles with his distaste for the holiday as the gang grapples with seductive ghosts, angry demons, and evil dentists. No strangers to devious antics, the league looks well at home in the official teaser.

Series regulars Tucker Gilmore (voice of Black Saturn), Zeb Wells (voice of Robobot) and Heidi Gardner (voice of Cooch) party with special guests Lake Bell and Phil Lamarr in the spooky feature. The fast-paced, Millennial-driven half-hour is known for its talented voice actors, »

- Raelyn Giansanti

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‘The Sopranos’ Star Frank Vincent, Best Known For Mob Roles in TV and Film, Is Dead at 78

13 September 2017 3:08 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Frank Vincent, the actor perhaps best known as mob boss Phil Leotardo on “The Sopranos,” has died following complications from heart surgery. He was 78.

TMZ first posted the news, reporting that Vincent suffered a heart attack last week, and died while undergoing open-heart surgery in New Jersey on Wednesday.

According to IMDb, Vincent was attached to several projects in pre-production, including the features “Asbury Park” and “Sarah Q.” He recently voiced a character on the Adult Swim series “Mr. Pickles,” and also appeared in an episode of “Law & Order: Svu.”

Other TV credits include “NYPD Blue” and “New York Undercover,” while on film he was seen in Martin Scorsese films such as “Raging Bull,” Billy Batts (“Go home and get your f–king shine box!”) in “Goodfellas,” and Frank Marino in “Casino.” He was also a regular in Spike Lee films like “Do The Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever.”

But »

- Michael Schneider

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‘The Shape of Water’: Guillermo del Toro Says Richard Jenkins’ Character Written For Ian McKellen [Interview]

13 September 2017 2:54 PM, PDT | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Toronto — The ride has already begun for Guillermo del Toro and “The Shape of Water.”  A return to the prestige horror that del Toro broke through with “Pan’s Labyrinth,” ‘Shape’ earned at raves at the Venice Film Festival before earning the adoration of the Academy members at the Telluride Film Festival a few days later. The Mexican-born filmmaker was relaxing in Los Angeles before heading to Toronto when he learned he needed to return to Venice for a jury honor.

Continue reading ‘The Shape of Water’: Guillermo del Toro Says Richard Jenkins’ Character Written For Ian McKellen [Interview] at The Playlist. »

- Gregory Ellwood

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Tiff Critic’s Notebook 6: Brawl in Cell Block 99, Prototype

13 September 2017 2:46 PM, PDT | Filmmaker Magazine - Blog | See recent Filmmaker Magazine news »

S. Craig Zahler’s Brawl in Cell Block 99 replicates the structure and mutations of his first film, Bone Tomahawk, a realistic Western that expands into a gorefest with inflections of Mad Max. Likewise, Brawl begins as a fairly low-key thriller (minus the part in which Vince Vaughn dismantles nearly half a car with his bare hands) that continuously ratchets up the bloodiness in uncreasingly unreal settings. Zahler’s definitely a gore enthusiast, which isn’t really my thing: it doesn’t particularly bother me, but I’d just as soon not deal with it. But, like Jeremy Saulnier, gore is what enables what I’ve liked about his work: Tomahawk […] »

- Vadim Rizov

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‘Game of Thrones’ Is Shooting Different Misleading Versions of the Series Finale to Guard Against Leaks

13 September 2017 2:21 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Game of Thrones” is taking a page from Arya Stark and the Faceless Men and using disguise and trickery to achieve their goals. And that goal for the eighth and final season of HBO’s fantasy epic is to keep the public spoiler-free.

“I know ‘Game of Thrones,’ the ending, they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really know what happens,” HBO president Casey Bloys said at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania recently, according to Morning Call. “You have to do that on a long show. Because when you’re shooting something, people know. So they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that there’s no real definitive answer until the end.”

Read More:The 50 Most-Watched TV Shows of Summer 2017: Winners and Losers

It’s a strategy that’s been employed before by other shows, including “Thrones.” In a Vulture story that details how sites like »

- Hanh Nguyen

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‘Chappaquiddick’ Review: Jason Clarke Excels in Compelling Teddy Kennedy Biopic That Pulls No Punches — Tiff

13 September 2017 2:10 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Playing a public figure is always a big gamble, and a Kennedy — with those faces, those jaws, that peculiar accent that’s so easy to exaggerate — has long been a waystation for actors looking to prove their chops. In John Curran’s “Chappaquiddick,” Jason Clarke opts for a more low-key approach to Teddy Kennedy, eschewing a big accent or showy mannerisms, and fully disappears into the role. It’s his finest work yet, and proof of his ability to excel given the right material.

And what material he’s got, thanks to a tight script from Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan that dramatizes the events surrounding the fatal 1969 event that took place on the Martha Vineyard’s peninsula from which the film derives its title. Compellingly directed by Curran, “Chappaquiddick” takes place over the course of a single week, following a young Senator Kennedy before, during, and after the car »

- Kate Erbland

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First Look At ‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour As Hellboy

13 September 2017 2:06 PM, PDT | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

With the dust seemingly settled, at least for the moment, on the whitewashing controversy around the film (to sum up briefly: “Deadpool” actor Ed Skrein was cast as a character who in the comics is a Japanese-American character who can turn into a jaguar, Skrein dropped out when he learned about the backlash, “Lost” star Daniel Dae Kim replaced him), shooting is imminently underway on the reboot of the “Hellboy” comic-book franchise.

Continue reading First Look At ‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour As Hellboy at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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“You Plan to Make a Film and Then You Try Not to Make the Film You Planned on Making”: Jake Mahaffy on Free in Deed

13 September 2017 1:55 PM, PDT | Filmmaker Magazine - Blog | See recent Filmmaker Magazine news »

Filmmaker readers first encountered the singular cinema of Jake Mahaffy back in 2005, when we placed him on our “25 New Faces” list on the basis of his extraordinary, Tarkovsky-esqure War, a post-collapse saga shot on a handcranked camera (and made years before post-collapse films and television became suddenly fashionable). On the basis of that film and the two features that have followed — including his latest, Free in Deed, currently in theaters (in New York, it’s playing Cinema Village) — Mahaffy has, in my opinion, staked out a quiet reputation as one of our most accomplished and necessary of […] »

- Scott Macaulay

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‘Hellboy’ Reboot First Look: David Harbour Looks Exactly Like Ron Perlman and It’s All Too Freaky

13 September 2017 1:49 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Lionsgate has revealed the first official look at David Harbour as Hellboy in the upcoming film reboot of Mike Mignola’s graphic novel series, and let’s just say fans of Guillermo del Toro’s original two movies probably aren’t going to be too happy. Harbour looks exactly like Ron Perlman in the del Toro films. No, seriously. Of course Harbour’s iteration of the character was going to look somewhat similar given it’s the same character, but no one was expecting him to look like a straight up Ron Perlman clone.

Holy crap #Hellboy #FirstLook pic.twitter.com/dpryXiHDHE

Hellboy (@HellboyMovie) September 13, 2017

The new “Hellboy” film is being directed Neill Marshall, who is best known as the director of the modern horror classic “The Descent.” The character is the biggest film role for Harbour, who had a career breakthrough with “Stranger Things.” The actor is competing for »

- Zack Sharf

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‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’: Why That Heart-Sinking Ending Was a Fitting Cap to a Tumultuous Season of TV

13 September 2017 1:39 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Top of the Lake: China Girl” Episode 6, “The Battle of the Mothers.”]

Top of the Lake: China Girl” didn’t need to exist, but the very fact that Jane Campion brought these characters back to TV made it destined for a murky ending. After all, that odd sense of closure and the lingering dread at the ramifications of a crime was what made the first set of episodes so haunting. The season-closing reveal of Sergeant Al Parker’s involvement in a child sex ring turned “Top of the Lake” from a dark meditation on rural crime to a pitch-black tale of human despair.

Top of the Lake” is all about that elusive sense of finality, the frustration with not being able to leave behind the most seismic events in your life. So what would “Top of the Lake: China Girl” offer as a follow-up? Unsurprisingly, the second series culminated in more devastation, but rounded those late developments out with a resigned sense »

- Steve Greene

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It’s Jackie Chan Vs. James Bond In New Trailer For ‘The Foreigner’ [Watch]

13 September 2017 1:38 PM, PDT | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

If you’re young enough not to remember it directly, you probably have no idea exactly how massive Jackie Chan was in the late 1990s. The action star had been famous in Hong Kong for decades but struggled to break out beyond that when suddenly, a hastily put-together dub by Miramax of Chan’s “Rumble In The Bronx” exploded unexpectedly at the box office. It led to a number of similar hits as well as the absolutely enormous “Rush Hour” series, made in the U.S.

Continue reading It’s Jackie Chan Vs. James Bond In New Trailer For ‘The Foreigner’ [Watch] at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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Amber Tamblyn Responds to Alleged Creep James Woods: ‘Only You and Your Darkness Know Who You Are’

13 September 2017 1:33 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Amber Tamblyn would like James Woods to examine his darkness. The outspoken feminist, actress, and writer/director penned an impassioned open letter to the two-time Oscar nominee (and Twitter’s resident crazy old man), and it’s required reading for anyone who cares about sexism in Hollywood.

The letter is a response to a heated Twitter exchange in which Tamblyn, 34, recalled when the now 70-year-old actor “tried to pick [her up]” with a friend in a parking lot when she was 16. Tamblyn’s tweet came following Woods’ pointed criticism of the age difference in “Call Me By Your Name,” to which that film’s star, Armie Hammer, had responded: “Didn’t you date a 19 year old when you were 60…….?”

Read More:‘Call Me By Your Name’ Star Armie Hammer Roasts James Woods on Twitter: ‘Didn’t You Date a 19 Year Old When You Were 60?’

James Woods tried to pick me and my »

- Jude Dry

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Devin Faraci Was Rehired After Sexual Assault Allegations: What Was Tim League Thinking?

13 September 2017 1:18 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Update (7:40 pm Pt): Devin Faraci has resigned from Alamo Drafthouse.

Yesterday evening, Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League acknowledged via a Facebook post that, earlier this year, he quietly rehired Devin Faraci to work from home. Eleven months ago, he’d fired the former editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death., the Alamo Drafthouse film site, after Faraci was accused of sexual assault. Faraci entered a 12-step program for alcohol, and is said to be in recovery. (For more details and backstory, please see here. And here.)

To say that news of his employment did not go over well would be an understatement. While League positioned his statement as a bid for transparency, and some friends and peers voiced their support, the announcement created a tsunami of outrage from Alamo fans, the alleged victims, and League’s own staff.

Read More:Devin Faraci Steps Down As Eic of Birth.Movies.Death. »

- Dana Harris

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‘Gutland’: A Familiar, But Striking Noir [Tiff Review]

13 September 2017 1:00 PM, PDT | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Filed under The Discovery Programme at Tiff, which highlights up and coming directors, Govinda Van Maele’s full-length feature “Gutland” is a striking debut, one that slowly burns through the magnificent landscapes of rural Luxembourg with flourishes of neorealism. Simultaneously, Maele manages to unravel a dark noir while meshing in hints of German expressionism and nods to Lars Von Trier-esque surrealism.

For almost the entirety of “Gutland,” it is quite difficult to gauge the plot trajectory of Maele’s debut.

Continue reading ‘Gutland’: A Familiar, But Striking Noir [Tiff Review] at The Playlist. »

- Kyle Kohner

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Tig Notaro Says Everything She Needs to Say About Louis C.K. in One Episode of ‘One Mississippi’

13 September 2017 12:37 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Tig Notaro and Louis C.K. aren’t speaking.

“I have not spoken to Louis in probably going on two years now. I will never hear from Louis C.K. again,” Notaro told The Hollywood Reporter.

But that doesn’t mean everything is quiet. Far from it.

The History

Rumors of sexual misconduct have been haunting C.K. for years, and they’re gaining traction in the public discourse. The popular stand-up comic, television producer, and filmmaker has been asked to respond to allegations that he has exposed himself and masturbated in front of unwilling participants. He’s refused to engage with the rumors, but the discussion persists because of, in part, Notaro’s statements and her show, “One Mississippi.”

Read More:‘One Mississippi’ Review: Season 2 Tells 3 Beautiful Love Stories with One Profound Point

Notaro has said there was “an incident” before “One Mississippi” went into production that kept C.K. from ever contributing to the series. »

- Ben Travers

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Tyrese Really Does Not Want The Rock To Make A ‘Fast & Furious’ Spin-Off

13 September 2017 12:30 PM, PDT | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

It might be one of the biggest franchises around — with this year’s “The Fate Of The Furious” being significantly down on its predecessor and yet still making an enormous $1.2 billion worldwide, making it the eleventh biggest movie in history — but the “Fast & Furious” series has had a certain share of behind-the-scenes turmoil recently.

First, word of a reported feud between series mainstay Vin Diesel and co-star Dwayne Johnson leaked out thanks to some not-particularly-blind-item social media posts from the latter, calling an unnamed colleague a “candy ass.” Then Michelle Rodriguez used Instagram to call out the producers, saying she’d quit the series if the female characters weren’t fleshed out more in the next installment.

Continue reading Tyrese Really Does Not Want The Rock To Make A ‘Fast & Furious’ Spin-Off at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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‘Lane 1974’ Trailer: Sj Chiro’s Festival Favorite Captures Life Growing Up Inside A Commune — Exclusive

13 September 2017 12:13 PM, PDT | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

“What’s your dream house?” might be a simple question. But as the fantasy that guides much of “Lane 1974,” the latest from writer-director Sj Chiro, it’s enough to build a film around.

The Orchard has released a new trailer for the SXSW 2017 favorite, which will be released on-demand later this month.

Set in Northern California in 1974, the charming coming-of-age film features life growing up on a commune. 13-year-old Lane (played by Sophia Mitri Schloss) and her siblings do their best to keep up with their rebellious mother, the self-named Hallelujah (Katherine Moennig), as she migrates through various communes and across the dirt roads of the Northern California.

Read More: 20 Female Directors Who Will Rule This Fall Festival Season, Including Agnes Varda, Greta Gerwig, Dee Rees, and More

Based on the memoir, “The Hypocrisy of Disco,” by Clane Hayward, the film follows precocious Lane, who yearns for a normal life. »

- Raelyn Giansanti

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First Trailer For Roman Polanski’s ‘Based On A True Story’ Starring Eva Green [Watch]

13 September 2017 12:01 PM, PDT | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

In a week where Louis C.K. debuted at Tiff his new movie “I Love You Daddy” (read our review here), which is in part about a filmmaker who was accused of child-molesting yet is still widely celebrated, it seems only appropriate that we get the trailer for a new Roman Polanski movie.

The director’s first since “Venus In Furs” is a thriller based on Delphine de Vigan’s novel, co-written with Olivier Assayas, in which a novelist (Emmanuelle Seigner, Polanski’s real-life partner of legal age) suffers from writer’s block, only to befriend a stranger (Eva Green) who becomes dangerously over-familiar.

Continue reading First Trailer For Roman Polanski’s ‘Based On A True Story’ Starring Eva Green [Watch] at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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