Review: Is Syfy's "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" Chum For Bad Movie Lovers?

Tragically, the sharks eventually died of alcohol poisoning.

It was a given that Syfy's Jersey Shore Shark Attack would be a bad movie, but the question is ... is it a good bad movie? Surprisingly, yes, for the most part.

Thanks to a game cast, appropriately dumb dialogue, and some astoundingly bad special effects, it ends up trashy fun ... until it eventually wears out its welcome.

Jeremy Luc as "The Complication"

Things get off to an eye-rolling start as we meet the lead characters, the excruciatingly named The Complication (Jeremy Luc), Nooki ( Melissa Molinaro), Pauly Balzac (Daniel Booko), and Donnie (played by Joey Russo, who mugged Meg Foster for her eyes).

Fortunately, the level of satire rises a notch after that cringe-inducing roll call.

The Guidos get into the typical Jersey Shore shenanigans (they're after A.S.S. "Alcohol, Sun, Sex"), but because this is family-friendly Syfy, it stays at a
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