Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Sunk Costs

At this point in Season 3, I would rather call show this Better Call Mike.

We must start with the opening scene in Better Call Saul where Mike meets with Gus, and two very important characters from Breaking Bad that we have never seen together, as far as I can remember: Victor and Tyrus. Also, I must give a quick thumbs up for showing the doctor that repaired Gus in Breaking Bad.

So Chuck, Saul's brother, has set him up -- and I already predict where this is going. This will create the name of Saul, as Chuck wants Jimmy disbarred, or rather, his name off the menu. Jimmy and Kim will somehow find a loophole, and Saul will be created. Easy enough.

I'd also like to give a heads up to the director John Shiban, as this show gave us the closest to a Breaking Bad feeling I think we will get for awhile.
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