WWE 2K18 Roster Revealed

  • Cinelinx
WWE Games in the past have given us very extensive rosters. Now they have revealed their roster for the newest installment of WWE 2K18. Come inside and check out the currently released roster.

Past WWE 2K rosters have been extensive and full of special inclusions of superstars both past and present. This years 2K18 does not seem to be any different. From the incredible talent in the WWE, to the up and coming prodigies in Nxt, WWE 2K18 seems to giving us the best in professional wrestler gaming.

So far we have been given a look at 52 characters including the pre-order characters. Of these currently announced 52, 9 of them are brand new to the game. Recently in a roster reveal we were given a look into the current roster with a list of in game wrestlers as well as Dlc. The roster currently contains:

Akira Tozawa, Alexander Wolfe, Alundra Blayze, Andre the Giant,
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