Ranking 2017’s Superhero Movies From Worst to Best

Liam Hoofe ranks this year’s superhero movies from worst to best…

To describe a year as being ‘a marquee year’ for superhero movies feels redundant by this point. Every year fans are treated to at least five superhero movies and 2017 was no different. With DC, rather haphazardly, having entered the game in 2016, all eyes were on their first team-up attempt, Justice League this year, to see whether or not their cinematic universe could really compete with Marvel.

Fox, having hit the jackpot (financially, at least) with Deadpool last year, turned their attention to bringing to an end one of cinema’s most iconic characters with Logan, while Marvel delivered the last of their phase 3 movies before next year’s Avengers: Infinity War. But in a year where six movies were released between the three major players, who reigned supreme? Let’s take a look back at the six superhero
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