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Poll: What Did Your Mom Do?

Which of these well-known TV moms had the same job as your mom did when you were a kid? If the exact same job is not an option, please pick the closest one.

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    Dr. Miranda Bailey

    My mom was a doctor or other health professional.
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    Olivia Benson

    My mom was in law enforcement.
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    Nancy Botwin

    My mom was on the wrong side of the law.
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    Murphy Brown

    My mom worked in the media.
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    Joan Burton

    My mom was in the military.
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    Donna Clark

    My mom worked in technology.
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    June Cleaver

    My mom was a stay-at-home mom.
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    Roseanne Conner

    My mom worked in the food service industry.
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    Claire Dunphy

    My mom worked in the "private sector."
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    Florida Evans

    My mom was a housekeeper or custodian.
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    Edna Garrett

    My mom owned a store (or more than one).
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    Lorelai Gilmore

    My mom owned her own business (not a store).
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    Jessica Huang

    My mom was in real estate.
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    Clair Huxtable

    My mom was a lawyer or judge.
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    Caroline Ingalls

    My mom was a farmer and/or rancher.
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    Elyse Keaton

    My mom was an architect.
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    Sister Katherine 'Kate' Lambert

    My mom worked in a religious capacity.
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    Selina Meyer

    My mom was a politician or civil servant.
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    Shirley Partridge

    My mom was a performer.
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    Bernadette Rostenkowski

    My mom was a scientist.
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    Peyton Sawyer

    My mom was an artist.
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    Dr. Violet Turner

    My mom worked in mental health.
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    My mom was in retail.
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    Harriette Winslow

    My mom was a saleswoman.
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    Dorothy Zbornak

    My mom was a teacher or professor.
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    Irina Derevko

    My mom was absent during my childhood.