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Poll: What is your Power Animal?

It takes a certain kind of strength for some characters to overcome their difficulties or find a peace within themselves. By a power animal! So what is your power animal? Discuss the list here

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    A Butterfly

    A butterfly is a symbol of profound metamorphosis and transformation. Butterfly people experience renewals and rebirths. It can show you a joy of life and lightness of being.

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    A Bat

    The bat appears from deep in the earth. It is rebirth. Bat people come fully alive by learning to die to their ego. They have great sensitivity and are extremely aware. Bat people use their obstacles.

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    Tyler Durden

    A Penguin

    A penguin totem deals with dreaming and astral projection. A person with this totem has the freedom and power to control their dreams and or perform astral project. As easy as a penguin leaping into the water. Slide!

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    Jon Snow

    A Wolf (Direwolf)

    This totem represents nobility and intellect. Wolf people are strategists and know themselves.

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    Tyrion Lannister

    A Lion

    A Lion is the symbol of the sun (and royalty). Lion people know how to work with groups. They are patient, wise beyond their years and are keepers of ancestral wisdom. They measure ten times and strike once with all their might.

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    Stannis Baratheon

    A Stag

    This totem means gentleness but quick to move, these people are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition.

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    Daenerys Targaryen

    A Dragon

    A Dragon is totem of huge power and energy. They are messengers of balance and magic and indicate mastery abilities.

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    The Bride

    A Snake

    A snake totem represents sharp instinct and accuracy and is powerfully connected to life force. It is also a symbol for transition and healing.

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    A Cat

    Cat people value their independence. They are resourceful. Agile in both body and mind. They exude confidence but keep mysterious.

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    A Mouse

    Mouse people are unassuming which is their greatest wisdom. This totem is resourceful, adapts, mostly innocent, but super-aware, determined and fierce. And it is has 'grounded' wisdom.

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    Nina Sayers

    A Swan

    The swan totem represents a duality, transformation, also true beauty. Swan people have inner grace, and great intuition, and seek a true beauty in everything, after themselves.

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    Pi Patel

    A Tiger

    The tiger totem possesses the balance of Yin Yang both positive and negative. Tiger people is passionate and powerful and adventurous and symbolise darkness and the new moon.

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    Grace MacLean

    A Horse

    The horse is a symbol for power and freedom. Horse people are adventerous and are very friendly.

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    Eric Draven

    A Crow

    The crow totem is a symbol for insight, you have a higher perspective and guidance. You are good with secrets.

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    Joe Carraclough

    A Dog

    This totem represents a huge capacity to love, and unconditional acceptance, true friendship, reliability and they are helpers.

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    A Pokemon.