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Poll: Your favourite Coen Brothers character?

The film-making sibling duo; Ethan and Joel Coen, or, The Coen Brothers have had 6 actors/actresses nominated for an Oscar in their films with 2 wins and an abundance of memorable characters, which of their charactersis your favourite? Discuss Here

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    Anton Chigurh

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    Barton Fink

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    Carl Showalter

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    Chad Feldheimer

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    Charlie Meadows

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    Big Dave Brewster

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    Delmar O'Donnell

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    Theodore Donald 'Donny' Kerabatsos

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    Doris Crane

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    The Dude

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    Ed Tom Bell

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    Edwina 'Ed' McDunnough

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    Ed Crane

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    Professor G.H. Dorr

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    H.I. McDunnough

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    Jerry Lundegaard

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    La Boeuf

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    Larry Gopnik

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    Linda Litzke

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    Llewelyn Moss

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    Llewyn Davis

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    Marge Gunderson

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    Mattie Ross

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    Norville Barnes

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    Osborne Cox

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    Pete Hogwallop

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    Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn

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    Tom Chaney

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    Tom Reagan

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    Walter Sobchak