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Poll: Super Trained Heroes

The following comic-book characters do NOT possess super-human strength, yet through will power and hard training they acquired the physical skill to be called Super Heroes...Which one do you like the most?

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    Oliver Queen

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    Matt Murdock

    Daredevil (enhanced senses from a chemical accident, but the fighting skill is his own)
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    Natasha Romanoff

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    Frank Castle

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    Bruce Wayne

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    Agent J

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    Clint Barton

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    Mindy Macready

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    Dan Dreiberg

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    Damon Macready

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    Dave Lizewski

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    Adrian Veidt

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    Laurel Lance

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    Sara Lance

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    Dick Grayson

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    Judge Dredd

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    King Leonidas

    and his 300 Spartans
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    Melinda May

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    Wesley Gibson

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    Bobbi Morse

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    Harry Hart

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    Laurie Jupiter

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    Edward Blake

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    Thea Queen

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    Roy Harper

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    Colleen Wing

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    Iron Fist (No super strength except when channeling his Chi into his fist)