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1. Pablo Cenoz Pablo Cenoz Actor, Cuero Cabelludo
2. Jack Maple Jack Maple Writer, The District
3. Christopher Duncan Christopher Duncan Actor, Victim
4. Dervin García Dervin García Self, Chateles del Campo
5. Iwuschka Chlopezkaja Iwuschka Chlopezkaja Actress, Jenseits der Morgenröte
6. Robert Norman Cruise Robert Norman Cruise Actor, Cold Blood
7. Celal Ozberk Celal Ozberk Actor, Galip Dervis
8. Matt Allen Matt Allen Self, NFL on FOX
9. Kimberly Simaroo Kimberly Simaroo Self, Let's Shoot Crap!
10. Noel Flanagan Noel Flanagan Actor, Microbes and Men
11. Mr. G Mr. G Self, No Parking
12. Michael Phibbs Michael Phibbs Actor, Cracks
13. Noa Yamamoto Noa Yamamoto Actress, Reibaku: Shôjo no shibari
14. Anthony Roberts Anthony Roberts Actor, Blue Diamonds Born in Nassau, Bahamas; Anthony Roberts is a graduate of Saginaw Valley State University. He became enamored with acting as a child when his father would take him to the Shirley Street Theatre in Nassau and when his grandmother introduced him to classic cinema and one of her favorite actors; fellow Bahamian Sidney Poitier; he states "Friday and Saturday nights were movie nights; Poitier...
15. Carles Renedo Carles Renedo Actor, Amb el 10 a l'esquena
16. Amy Doyle Amy Doyle Actress, The Life Guard
17. Yogi Raj Yogi Raj Actor, Ek Tha Tiger
18. Sanjay Lamba Sanjay Lamba Actor, Khwaab
19. Lisette Lisette Self, Fetish Generation
20. Ramil Ramil Self, Operación triunfo
21. John Read John Read Location Management, Dixieland
22. Erin Lloyd Erin Lloyd Actress, Tiggily Taggily
23. Chardae Bazemore Chardae Bazemore Actress, Made with Love
24. April Faircloth April Faircloth Actress, Zombie Outbreak
25. C. Bönhstedt C. Bönhstedt Actor, Irrtum des Herzens
26. Marco Campisano Marco Campisano Self, Come Dine with Me Canada
27. Nelson Angot Nelson Angot Actor, Latus
28. Michael Berg Michael Berg
29. Jeron Moore Jeron Moore Editor, The Offering
30. Tyler Vallis Tyler Vallis Actor, Sticks and Stones
31. Katie Nash Katie Nash Actress, Frisky
32. Vinayak Divekar Vinayak Divekar Actor, Cycle: Marathi Movie
33. Dave Pooley Dave Pooley Cinematographer, Ushers
34. Maximiliano Cabezón Maximiliano Cabezón Self, Mentiras Verdaderas
35. Manuel Barreiro Manuel Barreiro Self, A solaina
36. Marie-Sandrine Lamoureux Marie-Sandrine Lamoureux Self, Le grand journal de Canal+
37. Andy Red Andy Red Actor, After School Bisexuals
38. Tonia Schmitz Tonia Schmitz Actress, L'abito nuovo
39. Alice Tanaka Alice Tanaka Actress, Meu Nome é Tonho
40. Peter Ferguson Peter Ferguson Actor, King Kelly
41. Oskar Pietsch Oskar Pietsch Production Designer, The Invisible Dr. Mabuse
42. Dustin Myers Dustin Myers Editorial Department, Firsthand
43. Omar Chandelor Omar Chandelor Actor, Charm City
44. Arthur O'Neil Arthur O'Neil Actor, Polio Water
45. Renzo López Renzo López Self, Viva la tarde
46. Vanessa Macadam Vanessa Macadam Actress, Divorce
47. Beate Dräbing Beate Dräbing Actress, MA 2412
48. Jon Maciasowicz Jon Maciasowicz Actor, No God, No Master
49. Tilly Riach Tilly Riach Actress, The Secret Life of Us
50. Heinz Engel Heinz Engel
1-50 of 4,729,386 names.