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Mipcom: BritBox Signs Content Deal with FremantleMedia International

Qi, a quiz show hosted by Great British Baking Show star Sandi Toksvig, the Escape to the Country franchise and the feature docudrama Against the Law are among the titles the streaming service BritBox will offer American subscribers, via a content deal with FremantleMedia International.

The deal, unveiled Wednesday at Mipcom, will see the FremantleMedia slate join a programming roster at the video streaming service from BBC Worldwide and ITV that already includes a host of BBC and ITV shows, including Brideshead Revisited, Pride and Prejudice and Inspector Morse.

BritBox, in which BBC Worldwide and ITV each...
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The Great British Bake Off 2017, episode two – as it happened

Biscuit week – but which bakers snapped into gear, and which crumbled?

9.21pm BST

Steven with an jarringly emotional takeaway message. Tough Flo reveals her own Arnold Schwarzenegger tendencies. She’ll be back.

And so will I! Next week is bread week, and it looks spectacular from that trailer. Plus, I’ve figured out who everyone is now, which can only lift the whole experience.

9.12pm BST

He’s done the double. He’s...[insert apposite football reference]

Chris meanwhile is sent packing. Like a thinner Charlie Brooker, or a slightly camper Graham Norton, he was too good for this world. But not good enough for the tent.

9.11pm BST

Save Flo. Flo can’t go. I need her, even without the Flo-titles.

9.10pm BST

Toksvig gone full Gosling in Drive tonight #Gbbo pic.twitter.com/dFd6zfTCMX

9.09pm BST

Ah my friend Gabby is in that Purple Bricks advert. I’m pleased for her!
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The Great British Baking Show Season 4 Finale Recap: Who Won?

The Great British Baking Show Season 4 Finale Recap: Who Won?
Friday’s royally themed The Great British Baking Show finale was more than just the ending of a season, it was truly the ending of a deliciously flaky era.

As previously reported, the iconic series — the current season of which already aired in its entirety in the United Kingdom — will look quite different from here on out: Only judge Paul Hollywood will travel with the show when it makes its move from the BBC to the UK’s Channel 4 next season. Judge Mary Berry and hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins will not continue with the series; Qi host
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The Hippopotamus Review

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Stefan Pape

Based on Stephen Fry’s novel The Hippopotamus, and brought to the silver screen by director John Jencks, the flavour and indelible, idiosyncratic tone of the author is imbued in this faithful adaptation – except in some regards, perhaps too much so. The narration within this endeavour is so prominent, it feels like reading a book, as though we’ve accidentally turned the audio description on. Plus, and much like reading a book, you feel the need to pause for the night and continue on the following day, for there’s plenty here to digest.

Roger Allam plays Ted Wallace, a formerly respected poet, who now masquerades as a journalist, really only in it for the free drinks at events he’s hired to cover. Often seen stumbling around, glass of whisky in hand, offering his opinions for free to anyone who dares listen, he is sacked from
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Win The Complete Qi on DVD

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Competitions

To mark the release of The Complete Qi on 8th May, we’ve been given 2 copies to give away on DVD.

Re-watch all the jokes, japes, facts and experiments that’ll help you on your journey to become quizzing royalty. Never a dull moment, each disc is packed to the rafters with Bonus Features such as unseen and unaired footage (even on Dave), an exclusive interview with Qi Master Stephen Fry, a guide to Qi research by the Head Elf, All the Buzzers in One Massive Compilation, a documentary on the making of Qi plus much, much more. Two additional volumes to complete the collection will be available in Autumn 2017.

Please note: This competition is open to UK residents only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Small Print

Open to UK residents only The competition will close 15th May 2017 at 23.59 GMT The winner will be picked at random from entries
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TVLine Items: Revolution Star to P.D., Ballers Adds Guttenberg and More

TVLine Items: Revolution Star to P.D., Ballers Adds Guttenberg and More
A Revolution star is coming to light up Chicago P.D.

Tracy Spiridakos — who now recurs on MacGyver — will guest-star on the NBC drama in a multi-episode arc.

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She’ll play Det. Hailey Upton, a member of the robbery homicide unit. “Always clocking in overtime, she got her detective shield meritoriously on the heels of an undercover assignment that is still shrouded in secrecy,” according to the official character description, “and as a result has had to prove herself to those who thought she didn’t earn the detective promotion.” She
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Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding hailed as the ‘disruptive change’ Bake Off needs

New lineup will be a hit on Channel 4 precisely because it’s different from what audiences know, analysts say

It’s been referred to as “the stuff that LSD trips are made of”, but analysts believe the new lineup of The Great British Bake Off will be a hit when it launches on Channel 4 precisely because it’s different from the show audiences have grown accustomed to.

On Thursday, the comedian Noel Fielding, best known for The Mighty Boosh, and Sandi Toksvig, the Qi host, were announced as the replacements for hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, who left Gbbo after its move from the BBC.

Noel Fielding in a tent with Paul Hollywood talking about bread. The stuff that LSD trips are made of.

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Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig to host new Great British Bake Off

New presenters will join new judge Prue Leith and Bake Off stalwart Paul Hollywood in the Channel 4 version of the show

The departure of Mel and Sue put the nation’s bakers in a spin. Now Channel 4 is banking on another double act to appease them: Sandi and Noel.

The comedian Noel Fielding, best known for The Mighty Boosh, and Sandi Toksvig, the panel show stalwart and Qi host, have been announced as the replacements for Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, who left the show after its move from the BBC.

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Celebrating the chilling ghost stories of M.R. James

Gem Wheeler Dec 21, 2016

We celebrate the work of M.R. James, whose eerie ghost stories were made into a festive tradition by the BBC...

A shadow lurking just beyond the edge of the vision. Dusty manuscripts bearing fragments of ancient testimony, conflicting and confounding. The sickening touch of a decayed hand, grasping at us from the darkness. The imagery of the ghost story may differ between cultures, but the sense of creeping dread left by the most effective tales remains universal.

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One name stands out in the grim roster of English purveyors of the form: Montague Rhodes James, an eminent medievalist with a sideline in
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Passengers review

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on a spaceship with Michael Sheen serving the drinks. We take a look at the sci-fi romance, Passengers...

It’s not a very scintillating title, Passengers, is it? Especially for a film about a kilometre-long ship hurtling through space with the two romantic leads trapped inside it. Love’s Labour's Lost In Space might have suited it better, had Futurama not beaten screenwriter Jon Spaihts to the punch by about 17 years. So Passengers it is: the latest film from Norwegian director Mortum Tyldum, who previously brought us the superb Jo Nesbo-adapted thriller Headhunters and Oscar-nominated Alan Turing drama, The Imitation Game.

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Den Of Geek’s Christmas 2016 UK TV and radio picks

Louisa Mellor Dec 12, 2016

We’ve taken a pen to the UK Christmas TV and radio schedules and circled the shows we’re looking forward to. Add yours below!

Amid the cosy repeats, big movies and inescapable cranberry-stuffed cookery shows on TV this month are a few original gems. Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s Inside No. 9 festive special The Devil Of Christmas (Tuesday the 27th of December, 10pm, BBC Two) is top of our must-watch list. Hot on its heels is Yonderland’s family friendly Yonder Yuletide (Saturday the 24th of December, 6.30pm, Sky One). Another for families on Sky is the Christmas Day Jasper Fforde adaptation The Last Dragonslayer, while Channel 4 has the non-festive-but-essential-for-fans-of smart-sci-fi Humans series two finale (Sunday the 18th of December, 9pm).

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Not to forget, of course, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, a brand-new series of Sherlock,
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20 favourite facts from the Qi team

Find out why Churchill looks grumpy on the £5 note and which insect terrifies the Dalai Lama as the brains behind the panel share some jolly arcana

• Join the Qi team for a Christmas quiz - Guardian Live

At Qi, we work year-round to find facts for our eponymous BBC programme, our sister radio programme The Museum of Curiosity, weekly podcast No Such Thing As a Fish and spinoff BBC 2 programme No Such Thing As the News. We’ve collected our most interesting finds from the last year into our new book 1,342 Qi Facts to Leave You Flabbergasted. Here are 20 of our favourites:

1. In the time it takes to listen to the Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), the International Space Station travels 500 miles, then 500 more.

Membership Event: Christmas Quiz with the Qi team

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Megabrains of Britain: meet – and get grilled by – the superquizzers

From the only woman to win University Challenge twice to the first Chris Tarrant Millionaire, meet the brains who’ve set their synapses against the clock for our entertainment

• Plus: they put you to the test

It’s 36 years since Stephen Fry appeared on University Challenge as a grey-blazered, Lego-haired young brain in the 1980 Queens College team. How times have changed. Back then, TV quizzes were largely the preserve of beige-looking megabrains with a leather-bound encyclopedia and college scarf for a pillow.

Today, quizzes are as much a staple of pub life as crisps, coke and multicoloured carpets and, thanks to Qi, Fry spent 13 years as the one asking the questions. From coin-operated quiz machines in suburban boozers to millionaire-making TV formats, the world of quizzing has seen a seismic shift since the squeaking black leather days of Magnus Magnusson on Mastermind. According to new BBC documentary How Quizzing Got Cool,
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Bill Bailey: ‘The worst thing anyone’s said to me? “You’re that bloke off the Hairy Bikers”’

The comedian on mistaken identity, his love of birds and his disappointment at being overlooked for the role of 007

Born in Bath, Bill Bailey, 52, was nominated for a Perrier award at the 1996 Edinburgh fringe, and went on to star in the TV sitcom Black Books. He has appeared regularly on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Qi, and his recent live shows include Qualmpeddler and Limboland. His book, Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To British Birds, has just been published. He is married with a son, and lives in London.

What is your greatest fear?

Being attacked by enraged bears.

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Forget Stephen Fry – Sandi Toksvig has made Qi sing

Toksvig holds her own as the sharp, no-nonsense new Qi host, cutting through the show’s smugness and blowing away the cobwebs of Fry’s tenure

When Stephen Fry abandoned Qi last year, after more than a decade of service, it seemed only sensible to assume he would be replaced by a rotating panel of guest hosts. After all, that’s what Have I Got News For You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks did to no great disaster. Viewers are used to seeing a new face drafted in every week to offer the illusion of freshness. If Qi had done the same, no one would have minded in the slightest.

But it didn’t, thank God, because it found the perfect permanent replacement in Sandi Toksvig. Watching her debut episode was both exciting and reassuring; reassuring because her introduction was low-key and seamless, and exciting because her presence helped blow
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Sandi Toksvig: Qi dunce Alan Davies is one of the cleverest people I know

Presenter tells how her relationship with Davies is different from his with Stephen Fry, and reveals her passion for boxing

For years he has been admonished by Stephen Fry for failing to grasp even the most simple brainteasers on Qi, but the show’s new presenter Sandi Toksvig has revealed that Alan Davies is far from the dunce he portrays.

Toksvig, the first woman to host a major UK comedy panel show, told ITV’s Lorraine: “He gets it. It’s an act. I have to say he’s one of the cleverest, most charming people I have ever worked with.”

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Sandi Toksvig's Qi: 'I'm not here as a mini-me for Stephen Fry'

The panel show has spawned books and apps – and become as significant a cultural export as Doctor Who. But can it survive the departure of its quizmaster of 13 years? Zoe Williams goes on set to find out

“We spend six months researching each show,” says James Harkin. “I think you can tell. I don’t know how you can tell, but you can. It feels like it shouldn’t make a difference, but somehow it does. And I think that’s the difference between Qi and other panel shows that do comedy.”

Harkin is one of “the elves” (or researchers) on Qi, which after 13 years on air is making the probably-scarier-than-anyone-would-admit change from Stephen Fry as presenter to Sandi Toksvig. “But then sometimes,” interjects Andrew Hunter Murray, another elf, “you see something that’s front-page news and think, ‘I’m having that.’”

I had a terrible crisis in my 40s,
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Richard Osman: ‘I love crying. It’s like your pain is laughing’

The TV writer and presenter on his kids, Judge Rinder and wanting to enjoy the gym

Raised in Sussex, Richard Osman, 45, is a television writer who helped develop the format for the BBC quiz show Pointless and, in 2009, found himself cast as co-host with Alexander Armstrong. His other work includes presenting Two Tribes and appearances on Have I Got News For You and Qi; he is a contestant on the new series of Taskmaster on Dave. He is divorced, has two children and lives in London.

When were you happiest?

Probably when Fulham beat Juventus 4-1 in the Europa League.

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Full list of winners from the BAFTA TV Awards 2016

The BAFTA Television Awards took place in London last night, with Wolf Hall taking home two honours in Best Drama Series and Best Leading Actor (Mark Rylance). This Is England ’90 also scooped two awards in Best Miniseries and Best Supporting Actress (Chanel Cresswell), while there were also wins for Don’t Take My Baby (Best Single Drama), Transparent (Best International Series), EastEnders (Best Soap), Suranne Jones (Best Leading Actress, Doctor Foster) and Tom Courtenay (Best Supporting Actor, Unforgotten). Check out a full list of the winners here, highlighted in red…

Leading actor

Idris Elba, Luther

Stephen Graham, This is England ’90

Mark Rylance, Wolf Hall

Ben Whishaw, London Spy

Leading actress

Claire Foy, Wolf Hall

Suranne Jones, Doctor Foster

Ruth Madeley, Don’t Take My Baby

Sheridan Smith, The C-Word

Supporting actor

Tom Courtenay, Unforgotten

Anton Lesser, Wolf Hall

Ian McKellen, The Dresser

Cyril Nri, Cucumber

Supporting actress

Chanel Cresswell, This is England ’90

Michelle Gomez,
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BAFTA TV Awards Winners: Complete List

BAFTA TV Awards Winners: Complete List
London — In another strong year for British television, historical drama “Wolf Hall,” Shane Meadows’ “This Is England ‘90” and “Peter Kay’s Car Share” came up trumps at the BAFTA Television Awards, which unspooled on May 8 in London’s Royal Festival Hall.

The ceremony, which was hosted by Graham Norton, saw BBC2’s “Wolf Hall” win best drama series as well as leading actor for Mark Rylance’s depiction of Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power through Henry VIII’s royal court.

Upon receiving the award for best drama series, helmer Peter Kosminsky attacked the U.K. government’s treatment of the BBC, warning that its future was “under threat, make no mistake about that.”

On May 12, Blighty’s government is due to publish its white paper on the future of the Beeb, with the scope and funding of the corporation under threat. Kosminsky noted that government proposals that threatened the
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