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MPAA Rated R for sexuality, language, some violence and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • It is implied that a priest fathered a child.
  • Kitten is a flirtatious character.
  • Kitten narrates a story where she imagines how she was concieved. The scene involves rapid-fire dialogue describing erections, sex acts and breasts with metaphors, all in a slapstick manner. The maid also lifts her skirt to reveal a garter and belt, and then lifts it again to show her panties. The scene concludes with the priest pinning the maid to the counter. She is showing her leg all the way up to her thighs and they are rocking back and forth while her dialogue suggests she may not know what is going on -- possibly implying rape.
  • While sitting behind a male student, Kitten suggests a relationship between them. The boy reacts with disgust, and Kitten's smile shows the audience that she is teasing.
  • Kitten jokingly asks the priests where she can get a cheap sex change.
  • Kitten and Billy briefly dance close.
  • Kitten gets into an argument with two hookers who think she's trying to "move in on their property". A man offers her a ride in his car. There is then an uncomfortable scene where the man flirts with and offers gifts to Kitten, suggesting he is expecting a sexual experience.
  • A newspaper article with a picture of Kitten where her skirt is pulled up is shown on-screen. Her penis is covered by a giant black "X". Kitten disapproves of the censorship, asking why they covered her up.
  • Kitten fantasizes about being a secret agent. In this scene, she dresses in a skin-tight black suit. During part of the fantasy, she stuns a crowd of men by unzipping her suit down, briefly revealing her in a bra and most of her stomach. There is no cleavage since Kitten has a man's body.
  • It is implied that Kitten becomes a prostitute.
  • Kitten starts working at a peepshow, at one point revealing her nipple and almost revealing her crotch.

Violence & Gore

  • The children play a game involving fake guns.
  • Kitten's foster mother hits her repeatedly.
  • A priest drags Kitten by the ear.
  • Kitten's story includes a rape sequence involving a priest and his servant, which she fabricates. The truth of the tale is never confirmed.
  • A crowd throws vegetables at Billy's band. They also yell derogatory remarks at them.
  • There is a large explosion, killing at least one person. There is no gore.
  • Kitten is manhandled and slapped in a sequence. She is then thrown a large hole freshly dug, and has guns pointed at her. Her attackers threaten her, and she proceeds to try to talk them into shooting her.
  • There is a large explosion at a dance, killing or injuring many. Kitten herself is shown bloody and disoriented. This same explosion is later showed in reverse.
  • The police brutalize Kitten. They physically beat her, throw her against the walls, slam her head against the floor, and pull her hair.
  • In a fantasy scene, Kitten imagines herself a secret agent. During this scene, she spritzes perfume in the eyes of several men, knocking them out. A group of men also point their weapons at her. It is all done fantastically and comically.
  • Kitten hurls herself into a mirror. The mirror does not shatter, and she appears to not be terribly harmed.
  • A man tries to strangle Kitten with a necklace. We see Kitten, whose face is pressed against the steering wheel, choking and struggling. She then sprays the man with perfume and stumbles out of his car. A red bruise across her throat is later seen when Kitten is sitting down at a diner.
  • A man is shot in the back of the head.
  • Scenes of riots and small struggles between the Irish and English are shown.
  • Two characters shoot another off screen. We hear a woman screaming and see the murderers escape.
  • During a magic show, Bertie pretends to saw Kitten in half, with a lot of fake blood.
  • During a magic show, Kitten is tied to a roulette. Bertie throws a knife into her heart. He then reveals that he hit a fake heart tucked inside her vest that is soaked in fake blood.
  • A police officer warns Kitten about being attacked.
  • An angry man dressed as a mascot punches and then chases somebody with the intent to harm, but is held back by Kitten. He is later shown dressed a judge with an executioner at his side, joking about taking Kitten's head.
  • There is an explosion at the church, causing a fire, but the people get out on time.
  • Charlie gives birth, appearing very pained.


  • Strong profanity throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Kitten and friends smoke pot with a biker gang.
  • Charlie smokes several times, including once while pregnant.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are scenes of violence and rioting between the Irish and English. The crowds are chanting and screaming, as well as attacking each other.
  • There is a scene where a mentally challenge boy is caught in an explosion.
  • A church is caught on fire. We see the fire move up the stairs and envelope everything. We also see a daring rescue of the two female occupants by the priest also inside. Nobody is injured.
  • Kitten is attacked by a suitor who uses a necklace to try and strangle her. She manages to escape by spraying his eyes with perfume. She then runs down the street calling for help.

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