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Sex & Nudity

  • Full frontal female and male nudity
  • S2, E6: Woman wears a strap-on, which is shown in clear view for a long time, applies lube, and then forces a man onto hands and knees. Camera pans away as she pulls down his underwear. Anal sex is implied.
  • S3, E7: Andy is working on a porn set. Males and females seen fully naked. Multiple views of penis, vulva and breasts. Nancy "celebrates" something with her boss by stripping down to underwear, sitting on his desk, and having him remove her panties. She pushes his head towards her crotch implying oral sex.
  • S3, E8: Main characters breasts shown with scars, as a result of breast cancer in earlier episode. Multiple shots on a porn set shown, with full male and female nudity. Breasts, vulva and penis visible multiple times and for various lengths of time.
  • S3, E12: Two main characters have sex on a counter. The man is seen naked from side and rear for extended periods of time.
  • S4, E7: Main character is thrown over the lap of a man in a limo, her dress is lifted, and he spanks her butt multiple times. Later, she lifts her skirt to look at the marks. One of the sons is seen with his head between the legs of a neighbor, implying oral sex. The camera pans down and we see that he is naked.
  • S4, E8: Main character and a man have sex. Multiple views of her breasts.
  • S4, E12: Andy is showering outside. We see him fully naked from behind multiple times. He turns as someone calls his name and there is a glimpse of his penis. Following this, another character backs him against a door and her hand moves to his crotch. The shot changes to behind her and it appears she is stroking him.
  • S5, E2: Andy and woman are having sex, and he is seen for an extended period of time fully naked from behind while thrusting. Nancy is roughly bent over a table, her skirt and panties pulled down, and sex is implied. After a few moments, she is shown still bent over the table with her clothes down from the side.
  • S5, E8: A babies penis is seen during a male genital mutilation ritual, which is later mocked as having paid for the doctors summer house.
  • S6, E3: A man is handcuffed naked to a bed. We see his butt a lot throughout the seen.
  • S6, E4: Silus and a girl are naked in a college dorm shower, both are naked. We see her breasts for an extended period of time. She mounts him and there is a glimpse of her butt.
  • S6, E5: While in a hotel room, Andy is seen completely naked with just his hand cupping his crotch.
  • S6, E8: Nancy has sex with a guy in a bar. Both are seen naked with butts and chests shown. This is an explicit sex scene.
  • S6, E12: In order to get passports, Andy kills a person. As proof, he is required to bring the mans severed penis, which is shown a number of times in various places and for varying lengths of time.
  • S7, E5: Doug and his boss are seen lying on their backs in a "massage parlour" while getting hand jobs. Explicit with sounds, motions, etc.
  • Frequent and sometimes explicit sex scenes, with thrusting, moaning.
  • Infrequent, but graphic sexual dialogue.
  • Some of the sexual occurrences are disturbing in nature.

Violence & Gore

  • 7/10
  • Infrequent, but strong violence.
  • S2, E 5 - a person seen with a bloody nose, implied he was punched. A person shoved.
  • Many characters are shot. (With blood splatter)
  • A character gets his toes bitten off.
  • A character gets his entire body skinned off. (Quite disturbing)
  • A character gets shot in the head. (Quite graphic)


  • 10/10
  • Very strong constant language. Some by children and teens.
  • Frequent uses of "fuck", "shit", "dick", "ass", "cunt", and other profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 10/10
  • Drugs are constantly mentioned, distributed and consumed. (Marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, ect.)
  • One character is an alcohol addict. (Other characters drink socially)
  • Graphic use of marijuana.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 8/10
  • Violence is very gruesome at times.
  • The show is sexually and emotionally intense, despite being a comedy.
  • Rated TV-MA
  • Suggested MPAA Rating: Rated R for pervasive drug material, strong sexual content including graphic nudity, some brutal violence and language.
  • 44/50 This show is very strong in many ways. Also including some of the sex scenes are out of no where and are strong.

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