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Supernatural is a dream for everyone who loves the horror/suspense genre
Kimberly20 September 2005
I personally have been waiting to see a show based on spooky plots and this show delivers. Supernatural is somewhat endearing in that the main characters (the only ones who will be recurring) are brothers, however, the writing makes the characters more believable. They are different from each other, each with their own take on life and things that are not typical. I think as the show goes on it will continue to get better,though it is great now. I can't wait to see more of this show!

Another plus is the little bits of humor placed here and there, which, when done right, is always a plus. Some of the best shows/movies are ones in which one minute you are sitting on the edge of your seat biting your nails and the next you are laughing at some irony or funny statement/joke a character has said. Also, having two very attractive men in the cast doesn't hurt, either ;)
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Really good new supernatural show!
rebel69mach16 April 2006
When the show started I will admit I was apprehensive. It was compared to ghost busters and most notably X-files, but the first episode was everything but. It was action packed with two bad-ass brothers fighting no not crime, but ghosts. Spirits. The writers have done their research into urban legends and local myths, building on spooks we've grown up hearing about, sometimes beings scared of, and other's apprehensive. They give these spooks a face and then send Dean and Sam to blow them to smithereens.

While the coated focus is naturally the supernatural, the deep artery of the show is the love between these brothers as they sort out their past and arguments with "Dad" and challenge their future with a new light. They're action packed, gun toting, hot rod driving, (not to mention sexy) heroes saving people from harmful supernatural beings, (as they're not all ghosts). The music choice of the shows is also superb with everything from Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't fear the reaper" to Iron Butterfyl's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". If your looking for an action packed, thrilling, GRASPING, hour, tune in, It's now Thursday at 9 Eastern-Standard on the WB.
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One word: Awesome
TruthIsOutThere17 September 2005
During the 90's I was a big fan of the X-Files to this day I still am. The X-Files had great stories and character development, which is needed for a great show. Supernatural has that from the very first episode. I admit that I missed the first 10 minutes of the show, but I knew exactly what happened and where the story was going. Most shows you tune into after the first few minutes your lost and you lose interest, unlike Supernatural. CBS's Threshold, may not live up to the X-Files, but Supernatural does.

One final note, as long as the WB doesn't do any tweaking of the show this series will last for quite a few seasons.
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Whoa! This is more like it!
sarastro729 September 2005
After being disappointed by mediocre to bad new shows like Threshold and Invasion, I am glad that there's at least one new show that really delivers. Supernatural is in a whole different league, with proper style, suspense and great production values. This is a dark, moody show that understands how to use the television medium. The story isn't exactly complex, but the storytelling technique pulls you in and holds your attention, making you want to know more about the supernatural beings and the rules that govern their shadow world. I'm usually not a fan of darkness and horror, but this show is effective. It's dark urban fantasy and it has the potential to go a long way. As it is, the show is way, waay above average, and I rate the pilot episode an 8 out of 10.
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Amazing, for seasons 1-5, but fairly poor for the rest.
user-196-76641730 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Seasons 1-5 of 'Supernatural' were brilliant.

Although many of season 1's episodes are "hit-and-miss" and its overarching storyline is over-simplistic, the suspense, horror and urban lore makes this show unique and addictive. The plot and writing just get better and better in the next few seasons, with hints and clues that keep you hooked and gradually reveal a clever, wonderfully crafted underlying conspiracy.

The writers' attention to lore and their respectful and interesting interpretation of Judaeo-Christian mythology (in seasons 4&5) makes the content of 'Supernatural' incredibly fascinating.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are complex, well- written, likable leads. Even the supporting characters - John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Bobby (Jim Beaver), Ellen (Samantha Ferris) and Jo (Alona Tal) are written with depth. Villains such as Meg (Nicki Aycox & Rachel Miner), Crowley (Mark Sheppard), Azazel (Frederic Lehne) and Alastair (Christopher Heyerdahl) are hauntingly chilling characters. And then there's fan favourite Castiel (Misha Collins), who undergoes an almost flawless development arc. Credit goes to all of these actors for portraying their characters so skilfully and realistically.

However, after the massive climax of the season 5 finale, the show just seems washed-out and bland. The overarching story lines are all over the place - first there's Eve, and Castiel betraying the brothers, then the Leviathans and Metatron and the Angel War. The massive discrepancy in the feel of these seasons makes it seem that they're set in completely different universes.

The mythology, especially that of the angels, is not being treated respectfully any more, especially in seasons 9-10. They are no longer proud, unbending warriors of Heaven; they've been dumbed down to one-dimensional, unintelligent, over-exaggerated, almost childish people. In most episodes the 'monster of the week' reflects the writing team's lack of depth and research.

Every episode seems to follow the same overused structure - initial death scene, investigation, death of the monster, and then a long, dramatic conversation between the brothers in the car. During these talks the brothers constantly lie to each other and suffer from massive guilt trips and while this was heartrending the first time, after the endless repetitions it's just become cringeworthy and boring. The character of Crowley, too, has become dull and uninteresting after six seasons without development.

Granted, there are a few good episodes and characters in seasons 6- 10. Kevin (Osric Chau), Charlie (Felicia Day) and Garth (DJ Qualls) are likable, unlikely heroes, while Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) and Rowena (Ruth Connell) make interesting villains. Castiel's backstory and an insight into Bobby's regular life are interesting, and there are several standalone monster-of-the-week episodes that are better than the rest.

Overall, 'Supernatural' used to be brilliant, but its overused tropes and clichés, its lacklustre storytelling and overdramatic overtones mean that it is only a shadow of its former grandeur. If you enjoy urban legends, horror, suspense and mystery, go for seasons 1-5, because they are excellent. Its creator, Eric Kripke, intended it to stop after season 5 but sadly it was continued and desecrated so that CW could milk as much money out of it as possible.
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This show serves it's purpose, with grace!
Josh Hatfield23 October 2005
Now this show is not without problems. I'll be the first to admit it. It's very basic premise and sometimes convenient plot turns are not lost on me. Two monster hunting brothers travel cross country and extinguish a different monster each week. Not too much on the original side, I know. However, I can't help but watch this show every week with a fondness for my old junior high days. For those who don't know I was a huge sci-if/horror geek in my younger years and I loved reading about "The Crazy Hook Man who kills Teenagers" or "The Ghost of the Lady in White". I ate those stories up, and apparently so did the show's creator. This show takes me back to the years before I learned what character arcs, and plot contrivances were. It strips that all away and just lets me enjoy what it was like to hear ghost stories. What it was like to get chills down my spine every time I rode down a dark road at night expecting an apparition in white to appear. What it was like to come so close to saying "Bloody Mary" to the mirror and then passing out. There is a likability to this show that can't be ignored, and there's even some great moments with the two main characters Sam and Dean (played quite well by Padalecki and Ackles) but it is that nostalgic feeling above all that brings me back each week.
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amazing.........totally awesome
cool_imran8913 September 2005
When i first saw the trailer of the show, i didn't actually get it. But now that i have seen it i completely get it. I understood completely about the entire story. I didn't know that they(cast) can tell everything that has happened in just 1 hour. Jensen Ackles again did an amazing job for the WB. He had a background of Kansas, which is ironic because he was in Kansas in another hit WB show Smallville. He played the older brother who kind of taking care of his younger brother played by Jared Padalecki. Jared's character was tired of hunting supernatural things. but when his own girlfriend dies the same way his mom died, he decided to hunt that thing. This all happened in the pilot episode. Both brothers are also looking for their father who hasn't returned to them in days. He was on his hunting trip( looking for the thing that killed his wife). This also happened in the pilot episode. I don't know if the time or day of the airing of the show will be changed, but i will watch it every week. The WB has made a wise decision of picking up this show. I recommend to everyone to watch this show. You wont be sorry.
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Excellent beginning
djean6018 September 2005
I wasn't sure this was going to be a "must see" for me, but the atmospheric lighting, outstanding writing and acting had me from the first.

It doesn't hurt that veteran X-Files director was in charge of the pilot.

Steve Railsback (X-Files' Duane Berry) was seen briefly as the haunted husband of the ghost in question. Clever musical references as well as humorous asides, ("Agent Scully. Agent Mulder.") add spice for the viewer, not to mention outstanding "gotcha" moments and spooky special effects.
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Supergood naturally
boo_4ever18 April 2006
Supernatural is gonna draw the obvious X Files comparisons so we might as well get them out of the way now. Its stars are an intrepid duo who travel across America encountering all manner of paranormal phenomena and mythological creatures. It has a lot of ex-files staff too which is apparent if you have watch both shows pretty closely.

Supernatural isn't as smart as The X Files , nor is it as cleverly written. The X Files was ahead of the time in many ways and is still unique in others, in that it was a mature drama which took its subject matter very seriously. It managed to blend sci fi and the paranormal skillfully so that you almost didn't notice the seams. Supernatural in a way is like The X Files - lite. It knows what it is and I think is a more focused show then its predecessor. From the get go it lays it out to you that it is situated in a world where ghosts, demons and witches really do exist. Once that is established its on with the show and there is no looking back whereas the X Files constantly had the viewer questioning and thinking about what he was seeing and hearing. Where The X Files was the thinking mans science paper, Supernatural is a camp fire ghost story.

Which is more then fine by me. As a lover of ghost stories myself Supernatural makes for fantastic viewing. Its strongest points are its atmosphere and visual imagery. The storyline surrounding the brothers relationship to their father and to each other is in its fledgling stages and will no doubt become stronger over time. Already though it is fun to watch the interplay between Dean and Sam. being the older brother in a family of two myself I find myself sympathising with Dean. Not just because of that but also because I find his personality something I can relate to. His is very Mulder-like in his often whimsical approach to situations. The other brother Sam I find downright annoying at times with the overplayed teen angst.

As for the story lines themselves this is Supernaturals weakest point. So far in the first series Supernatural has a basic structure which rarely changes - brothers drive into town, weird things (usually deaths) happen, brothers use fake ID's to find out about the demon / witch / ghost just in time to save the Hot Chick of the Week(tm) wash, rinse, repeat. If it continues Supernatural is in danger of burning out real fast. However in latter episodes there looks to be some sort of mythology developing which should hopefully complicate things. The fathers connection to their mothers death, Sams visions, the Meg demon etc.

Having just criticised the story lines I have to admit I love their themes. Each week focuses on a different legend such as the woman in white, bloody mary, vampires etc. Each handled very well and with a surprising amount of knowledge. You can tell that ghost story telling is a real labour of love for the creators. It also introduces a lot of lesser known legends such as the wendigo, shrika etc. Someone is doing their homework and I cant wait to see what creatures appear in later episodes. The references to other supernatural shows such as the x files and ghostbusters is an added treat for fans of the genre. As is the classic rock soundtrack. My god someone has taste. Its like they reached into my mind and put down all my favourite past times on celluloid. Well the ones that can be viewed by under 18's anyway. I wouldn't say Supernatural has "made scary sexy". I would say its made scary cool again. If only I could be cool again too. Maybe I would be if I had a Chevy Impala too.

All in all an excellent new series dripping with humour, atmosphere and chills. Here's to series two!
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American folktales and urban legends
celticrose-120 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this show and I disagree slightly with the person who says they need to come up with original "ghosts". All of these are things that are rooted in folklore and urban legends. I think it's interesting to see how they'll explore these. Some of this is familiar yes but I'm drawn to see how they learn about each "creature" and the best way to overcome whatever they come across. It's a neat show that explores some of America's famous legends with a duo of brothers who are searching for their father and the "thing" that killed their mother. It would be neat for it to come up with new creatures but to explore the well known ones is a good way to start the season, to slowly introduce people to the otherworldly aspects of America. I recommend this show for anyone who enjoys supernatural tales and folklore.
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