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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut Is 3 Hours Long And Provides More Depth

Now playing in theaters across the globe, Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League has been dogged by mediocre reviews ever since its release on November 17th. It looks like things will only get worse before they get better though, what with analysts claiming the pic will now limp miserably toward a $700 million box office tally, despite initial estimations projecting a billion-dollar home run for the suits at Warner Bros.

But there is an S-shaped light at the end of the tunnel – and no, we’re not talking about the Man of Steel, but rather Zack Snyder, whose cut is reportedly “much longer” than Justice League‘s theatrical version. Not only that, but it’s said to feature more cameos, too. Obviously, there’s an intense demand from the fanbase for Warner Bros. to release it – including a massive petition online – but so far, the studio’s remained silent in regards to their plans.
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Watch a Ui reel for Justice League

A new visual effects video has arrived online for Zack Snyder’s DC superhero team-up Justice League which gives us a look at Blind Ltd’s Ui work on The Flash’s Apartment, S.T.A.R Labs, the Bat Cave, the Nightcrawler and more check it out below…

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

Justice League reunites Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice stars Henry Cavill as Superman,
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Zack Snyder’s Son Calls Out Warner Bros. For Meddling With Justice League

Zack Snyder’s son, Jett Elin, has some pointed words for Warner Bros. following his viewing of Justice League. As fans will know, his father had to pull out of completing the project after a family tragedy, leaving Joss Whedon to helm the extensive reshoots and provide the final cut. The result has split the fandom, and Jett is one of those who, while he enjoyed the film, would have liked to have seen less “meddling” with his dad’s vision.

Here’s what he said on Vero:

“On a more serious note I did enjoy the movie, although it is clearly not what it could have been due to the meddling of Warner Brothers and the forced comedy. The run time was my biggest gripe with the movie, with events that should take a long time over in a flash; $ but still definitely a fun movie to watch, and would recommend it.
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Dolph Lundgren Kicks Ass In New Bts Pic From Aquaman

Barring a number of forgettable gigs in the vein of Sharknado 5: Global Swarming and Kindergarten Cop 2, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Hollywood veteran Dolph Lundgren appear in a major tentpole. That all changes in 2018, though.

With Creed II set to herald the long-anticipated return of Ivan Drago (“if he dies, he dies”), Lundgren also has a role to play in Aquaman, the James Wan-directed solo movie that’s poised to follow in the footsteps of Justice League. He’ll play Nereus, warrior king of Xebel, opposite Jason Momoa’s Atlantean, and Dolph Lundgren recently posted a new behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter (via Cbm) that shows him in training.

And, well, let’s just say the towering Swede will be bringing some serious physicality to the role of Nereus, as below you’ll see Lundgren performing a leg kick with one of the film’s stunt doubles.
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Why Joss Whedon should not direct Batgirl

Ricky Church on why Joss Whedon shouldn’t direct Batgirl

Earlier this week the internet was filled with a lot of rumours that Warner Bros. was no longer interested in a Joss Whedon-directed Batgirl film. Though Whedon has created some of the best stories for the comic or sci-fi genre, from Avengers to Buffy The Vampire Slayer to Firefly, he is not without controversy, now more than ever. As of now, it has been denied that Whedon has been or will be fired from Batgirl, but would it even be a bad thing if he didn’t direct? In my opinion, he’s no longer the right person to bring Batgirl to life.

Some spoilers for Justice League follow…

After taking control of Justice League in the wake of Zack Snyder’s departure from the film due to a family tragedy earlier this year, Whedon conducted reshoots of the
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‘Justice League’ Do-Over? Petition for a Zack Snyder Cut Hits 100,000 Signatures

  • The Wrap
‘Justice League’ Do-Over? Petition for a Zack Snyder Cut Hits 100,000 Signatures
Fans of “Justice League” are wishing they had a version of the film based on credited director Zack Snyder’s vision, and a Change.org petition looking to fund such a cut of the film has now garnered 105,000 signatures. The petition is the work of a fan who was unhappy with Warner Bros.’ theatrical release of the DC Films sequel, for which Joss Whedon oversaw reshoots and postproduction after Snyder stepped out last spring following the death of his daughter. “To the dismay of many, the film released by WB was Not the one fans were expecting,” the petition says,
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Justice League on target to lose holiday weekend to Coco

Coco is on track to finish well ahead of Justice League at the North American box office this holiday weekend.

Justice League didn’t have the coming out party it was hoping for last weekend, accumulating the lowest domestic opening of any Dceu film so far.

It also looks as if the superhero flick will come in second place for the holiday weekend, with Pixar’s Coco projected to bring in around $70 million at 3,958 North American locations in its first five days, easily beating out Justice League which is on track for around $60 million from 4,051 screens.

Coco has already proved a big hit in Mexico, bringing in $48 million – which is the biggest opening of all time in that particular market.

It is estimated that Coco’s budget is around $175 – $200 million.

So far Justice League has brought in $122 million at the domestic box office.

See Aso: Warner Bros. could lose up
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Justice League’s Final Scene Leaks With Hans Zimmer Score

Many elements of Justice League proved controversial, and towards the top of that list is Danny Elfman’s score. Some fans are pleased that the legendary superhero movie composer was invited back to provide the soundtrack for the DC team-up film, even peppering his work with the likes of John Williams’ 1978 Superman theme and his own 1989 Batman theme. However, others have reacted strongly to Elfman’s appointment, feeling that his style strays too far away from the sound of Hans Zimmer and Junkie Xl, who have scored previous Dceu entries.

For those who would have loved to have heard Zimmer’s score over Justice League‘s key moments, Twitter user CinematicEx has given us a taste of what that would be like. On top of a leaked copy of the movie’s final scene, Zimmer’s awesome Man of Steel theme is played.

I cucked Warner Bros so here it is again!
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Brooding Fan Poster For Deathstroke Makes Room For Jason Todd

Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd?

We can see it. As a matter of fact, we’ve already heard it, as the Supernatural mainstay initially voiced the role for Batman: Under The Red Hood back in 2010. But even now, seven whole years later, DC fans are still calling on Warner Bros. to cast Jensen Ackles in a live-action interpretation of Red Hood.

And though it may never come to be, a DeviantArt user by the name of ‘Wandambatha’ has produced a dark and gloomy poster for Deathstroke, the recently-announced spinoff movie that has Gareth Evans (The Raid) and Joe Manganiello attached to direct and headline, respectively.

If the stars align, Manganiello’s Slade Wilson is primed for a big, big future in the DC Extended Universe, though Justice League‘s middling box office performance will surely have Warner Bros. thinking twice about future instalments in its shared franchise. Either way, this
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Justice League VFX Video Reveals Batman and Cyborg's Superhero Secrets

Justice League VFX Video Reveals Batman and Cyborg's Superhero Secrets
A new VFX reel for Justice League has just been released online and it gives us a sneak peek into the digital special effects that went into making the little details of Dceu movie look as great as it does. The movie finally hit theaters last week after months of controversy and speculation and while the movie is divisive, one thing that almost everybody can agree upon is that the villainous Steppenwolf looks like he has on way too much CGI makeup and really doesn't look scary or evil at all. The new VFX reel focuses on the heroes of the Justice League and their user interfaces that do a lot of the heavy lifting, not the overall CGI used in the movie.

The Justice League VFX reel shows off some of the lesser-seen elements of the movie, but they are integral pieces to the movie that deserve some spotlight.
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Damon Lindelof explains why he wants to make a Watchmen TV series

The Watchmen returned to the world of comic books today with the release of DC’s Doomsday Clock #1, and they’ll soon be making their return to the screen too, with Damon Lindelof currently hard at work on a small screen adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic comic book series for HBO.

During an interview at Vulture Fest La this past weekend, Lindelof has been chatting about what drew him to the project and how he feels it is relevant to today’s society.

Watchmen – it was dangerous, and you can’t be dangerous for dangerous’ sake, but the reason that I’m doing this is these are dangerous times, and we need dangerous shows. What we think about superheroes is wrong. I love the Marvel movies and we saw Justice League this morning and I’m all for Wonder Woman and Batman and I grew up on these characters,
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Jason Momoa Details One Justice League Deleted Scene Featuring Aquaman And Diana

When one looks back on Justice League‘s trailer campaign, it becomes clear that Warner Bros. cut a lot of scenes in the build-up to November 17th.

Hell, some fans have even taken it upon themselves to launch a petition calling for Zack Snyder’s edition, one that’s purportedly “much longer” and teeming with cameos, to be released on home video. It’s since collected more than 100,000 signatures, which goes to show that when it comes to Justice League, that fabled director’s cut is no laughing matter. Indeed, if you’re curious, a ton of alleged deleted scenes leaked onto the interwebs just this morning, including one in which Cyborg learns to fly.

Now, Jason Momoa has peeled back the curtain just a little bit more to describe a deleted scene featuring Diana Prince and his Arthur Curry.

While chatting to Rajeev Masand (via ComicBook.com), Momoa spoke about his history with Aquaman,
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Warner Bros. could lose up to $100 million on Justice League

Having debuted to the lowest domestic opening weekend of any DC Extended Universe movie to date with $96 million, Forbes is reporting that Warner Bros. is looking at an overall loss of between $50 million and $100 million on its DC superhero team-up Justice League.

The Zack Snyder-directed DC ensemble has grossed $307 million worldwide so far, but is expected to lose out on top spot this coming Thanksgiving weekend to Disney-Pixar’s Coco, and is looking at a final gross of around $635 million.

Not only would this be the lowest haul for a Dceu movie ( a position currently occupied by Man of Steel on $668 million), but it would also leave Warner Bros. deep in the red. Given its $300 million production budget, plus marketing costs, Justice League was looking at a haul of around $700 million to $750 million in order to break even.

What this means for the future of the Dceu remains to be seen.
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Deathstroke Goes Unmasked in New Justice League Photo

A new image of Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke has surfaced and it features the actor without his infamous mask. Spoilers Ahead. Slade Wilson is one of DC's most dangerous characters and his involvement in the Dceu has been teased for over a year now. He made a cameo in the incredibly divisive Justice League, where the immensely corny "league of our own" comment comes from, lifted from the female baseball movie A League of Their Own. So much for the whole dangerous thing for Deathstroke and Lex Luthor.

The new behind-the-scenes photo features Joe Manganiello on set with 2 of Lex Luthor's bodyguards played by Katia Elizarova and Gem Refoufi. Though the picture doesn't show off the eyepatch, it's still a great image of Slade Wilson, aka, Deathstroke hanging out on set. Joe Manganiello is getting his own Deathstroke movie as well, and the Justice League post-credit scene possibly teased the
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Zack Snyder’s Deleted Justice League Scenes Leak Online

These days, every big budget comic book movie is met with speculation about the amount of “studio interference” involved in production, but with Justice League, this speculation is augmented by the question of where director Zack Snyder’s work ends, and where the additional material and reshoots of Joss Whedon begins.

This is because Snyder had to depart the project after filming had ended, and Whedon – who had already been working on the script – was drafted in to handle post-production and reshoots. Producer Charles Roven subsequently conceded that the theatrical release consisted of about 15-20% Joss Whedon footage, but we suspect that might be underselling it a bit.

Now, six days on from release, and fans are already petitioning Warner Bros. for a Director’s Cut – that online petition has so far garnered more than 100,000 signatures – while Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, believes there is enough leftover footage to make a second movie.
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Giving Movie Thanks (2017 Edition)

I’d imagine every one of us, despite our individual life situations, however privileged or difficult they may be, wouldn’t have too much trouble coming up with a pretty long list of people and circumstances for which to be grateful, during the upcoming week traditionally reserved for the expression of thanks as well as throughout the entirety of the year.

Even in our brave new world, where gratitude and humility and generosity of spirit often seem to be in short supply, at the mercy of greed, abuse of power, disregard for the rule of law, and megalomaniac self-interest cynically masquerading as an aggressive strain of nationalist, populist passion, there are good, everyday reasons to look around and take stock of blessings in one’s immediate surroundings.

And speaking specifically as one who has the privilege and opportunity to occasionally write about matters concerning the movies, and even a (very
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‘Coco’ Stuffing ‘Justice League’ at Thanksgiving Box Office

‘Coco’ Stuffing ‘Justice League’ at Thanksgiving Box Office
Disney-Pixar’s “Coco” is heading for a clear victory over “Justice League” at the Thanksgiving holiday box office, estimates showed Thursday morning.

Coco” should finish above $70 million at 3,958 North American locations in its first five days while “Justice League” will wind up around $60 million at 4,051 sites. “Coco” is performing significantly above pre-release forecasts, which had been in the $55 million to $60 million range.

Wednesday’s figures showed “Coco” with a first-day total of $13.2 million, which included $2.3 million from Tuesday night previews. The animated musical received an A+ CinemaScore from moviegoers, indicating that the film could be lifted by strong word of mouth during the rest of the holidays.

On the same holiday weekend a year ago, Disney’s “Moana” scored $15.5 million on its first day and went on to earn $82 million in five days. That was the second-highest opening for the period, trailing only Disney’s “Frozen” at $93 million in 2013.

Coco” is already a blockbuster in Mexico with $48.8 million
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Justice League failure to signal the end for Batfleck?

Forbes have written a thorough insight into the box-office fallout of Justice League. It’s in no way an attack on the Dceu, and finds shards of hope within the darkness gathering around that cinematic universe. However, the most interesting snippet focuses on the continuing saga of Ben Affleck’s future as The Dark Knight. The article states:

Ben Affleck was frankly on his way out the door anyway, and Batman will probably get a soft or hard reboot now — I’ve resisted speaking too much about this publicly, but behind the scenes most sources have consistently stated he and Warner were just waiting until after Justice League to make an announcement, so the box office situation will probably expedite that process for them (which, I would guess, will actually be a relief for Affleck and Warner, since I imagine there’s been some stress and frustration for them in
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Joss Whedon Directed This Key Batman Scene In Justice League

These days, every big budget comic book movie is met with speculation about the amount of “studio interference” involved in production, but with Justice League, this speculation is augmented by the question of where director Zack Snyder’s work ends, and where the additional material and reshoots of Joss Whedon begins.

This is because Snyder had to depart the project after production ended, and Whedon – who had already been working on the script – was drafted in to handle post-production and reshoots. Producer Charles Roven subsequently conceded that the theatrical release then consisted of about 15-20% Joss Whedon footage, but fans suspect that may be underselling it a bit.

Now, as the film defies expectation and actually gains momentum at the box office, after a somewhat muted start, actor Holt McCallany (star of the Netflix series Mindhunter), has shed some interesting light on his own involvement in the movie, and the
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Gal Gadot and Kumail Nanjiani Riff on Their Parents’ Expectations and Name Mispronunciations

Gal Gadot and Kumail Nanjiani Riff on Their Parents’ Expectations and Name Mispronunciations
Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”) and Kumail Nanjiani (“The Big Sick”) sat down for a chat for Variety’s “Actors on Actors,” which airs Jan. 2 to Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. on PBS SoCal Koce.

Kumail Nanjiani: So how did you end up playing “Wonder Woman”? How did that happen?

Gal Gadot: It’s kind of one thing led to the other. I never planned on becoming an actress, and then I had this opportunity where this casting director flew to Israel; she was looking for a new Bond girl. I did the audition, didn’t get the part, but through this experience I was like, “This is so much more interesting than going to law school.”

Nanjiani: You were in law school?

Gadot: Yeah, I know. Thank goodness life interrupts and comes in the way. It was weird because I didn’t know they were auditioning me for “Wonder Woman.” I knew I
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