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(I) (2017)

Jaeden Lieberher: Bill Denbrough



  • Mike Hanlon : Bill!

    Beverly Marsh : Let him go!

    Pennywise : NO! I'll take him! I'll take all of you! I'll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear... Or... you'll just leave us be... I will take him. Only him, and I will have my long rest and you will all live to grow and thrive and lead *happy* lives, until old age takes you back to the weeds.


    Bill Denbrough : Leave!

  • Georgie Denbrough : But, Bill, if you'll come with me, you'll float too.

    Bill Denbrough : Georgie?

    Georgie Denbrough : You'll float, too, you'll float, too, you'll float, too... YOU'LL FLOAT, TOO!

  • Bill Denbrough : We like hanging with you.

    Beverly Marsh : [smiling]  Thanks.

    Bill Denbrough : You shouldn't thank us too much, hanging with us makes you a loser, too.

  • Bill Denbrough : He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.

  • Bill Denbrough : Georgie...

    Georgie Denbrough : [sobbing]  What took you so long?


    Bill Denbrough : I... I was looking for you this whole time.

    Georgie Denbrough : [sobbing]  I couldn't find my way outta here.

  • Bill Denbrough : If we stick together, all of us. We'll win.

  • Bill Denbrough : Look, you don't have to come in with me, but what happens when another Georgie goes missing, or another Betty, or another Ed Corcoran, or... one of us? Are you just gonna pretend it isn't happening like everyone else in this town? Because I can't. I go home and all I see is that Georgie isn't there. His clothes, his toys, his stupid stuffed animals... but he isn't. So, walking into this house, for me, it's easier than walking into my own.

  • Bill Denbrough : All right. There you go - sh-she-she's all ready, captain.

    Georgie Denbrough : She?

    Bill Denbrough : You always call b-b-boats she.

    Georgie Denbrough : She. Thanks, Billy.

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