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A thrill to watch
paul_3-960-8967746 February 2015
The premise alone sounded great, and once I saw the trailer I got all excited. Allegiance is a great mix between Sherlock, The Blacklist, and The Americans. that was one hell of a pilot i wish I was as talented as these writers.

The pilot was smart, thrilling to watch and slowly laid the ground for what is probably the best new show this year. It had that movie pace and plot development while smartly introducing what will make each episode an interesting one. But once you think you know where the show is heading they came up with a twist that most writers - on other shows - would have dragged on for at least twelve episodes if not the season finale. The writers made things just like they pictured Alex (Gaven Stenhouse) to be unpredictable.

Which brings me to the cast, who now make sense to me, because at first Magarita Levieva did not. Even though she was really good as the bad ass spy in that one episode of The Blacklist and on Revenge, I thought she'd be the weak link in the bunch but I complete understand why they picked her. She can pull off manipulative and be dramatic while still kicking ass. I don't want to say too much but fighting is what's missing from the show. I'm not talking about Alias' style martial art combats in very episode but one or two punches thrown at somebody.

Alex is like Sherlock on steroid, the mother wants to protect her family at all cost, the older sister clearly is competing with her brother, the dad just wants to keep is family tight and the little sister might be smarter than they all think.

Allegiance looks like a good spy show with a little bit of family drama thrown in. I will watch it religiously.
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