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It has its moment but falls short, 10 May 2016

When this was first announced, I was very skeptical, but the trailers won me over. So when I got the chance to go to a screening of the movie I couldn't pass. I was very excited to see the film but my excitement depleted as the movie went on.

The film has its moments but it's bad, as bad as I first thought it would be before the trailers. I had a long nap before watching the movie but I still manage to get some shut-eye for a little chunk of it. I got bored, the funniest scenes were in the trailers, so if you want to see the film avoid the trailers at all cost and you might enjoy the movie a little more than I did. Or go check it out high.

By @ericgarcy

Zootopia (2016)
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The darkish witty funny family movie, 3 March 2016

Going in, French celebrities and festivities aside, I didn't know what to expect. Unlike most people I didn't looove Frozen, I actually fell asleep watching it, so I was worried. But Zootopia exceeded my expectations with a compelling story, it's good. The story is interesting and smart. It deals with societal issues in a very witty way because it caters to kids as much as adults, which is probably why there is a certain predictability about the characters but it's not at the cost of the story or the message behind it.

It's a Disney animation movie so of course there're positive teachable messages in the movie, perseverance, tolerance, open-mindedness, all wrapped in a funny and touching movie with characters that you'll root for and love.

Zootopia is a good time at the movies, you'll laugh and be entertain as much as the kids. By @ericgarcy

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Surprisingly not so bad, 2 March 2016

For Starters, the pilot for the show kind of blew me away. In hindsight, it wasn't that hard to achieve I watched The Shannara Chronicles after watching Shadowhunters that night. So I was impressed by the production value, the special effects, the makeups and the acting. I was engaged in the show within the first twenty minutes. To me the show is reminiscent of Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – I'm not that old – with more money thrown in obviously, or the short-lived Legend of the Seeker.

I did not feel like they were filler episodes but some of them had boring parts that made them feel like they were. As show created for MTV it's much better than what I would have expected but sometimes, the MTV trademark can be felt in the dialogues, and that stings a little bit. The other thing is the journey, it took them about seven episodes to get to safe hold but they got back so damn quick that I felt cheated. I need to see a map of the Four Lands because unless they took a massive detour on their way there, their return to the castle should have taken a little longer. If they'd use the guy with the flying beast I would have understood but they rode horses -.-".

The Shannara Chronicles could have taken a Game of Thrones route by being more serious, adult, and complex plot but I think that the Fantasy elements are not subtle enough for that to work as a TV Series. The show is beautiful, entertaining, and engaging I hope they'll have a second season.

By @ericgarcy

Spotlight (2015/I)
A good film about investigative journalism, 26 January 2016

I grew up fully aware of priests praying on children, which is probably why I've always seen priests as human beings not gods. They are men who are priests, like other men are writers, teachers, or scientists. But I was still dumbfounded by Spotlight. The scale of it might be small, if you take into account that Boston is just one city, but the size of what was going is impressive. So many people, boys and girls, our cousins, brothers, or aunts were molested as kids and paid off for their trouble. Left to live with a burden and a secret that could eat them alive. Like they've made a point of doing in the movie it's a systemic thing. They protect their own and actually have the guts to cover crimes if that keeps their image clean.

Six years ago, I met two priests who I knew full well were having sex - with adults obviously - and it didn't phase me one bit. I even kept their secrets, heck I'm still keeping their secret. So I'm asking myself if I'd be capable of keeping it secret if I knew of a priest or anyone molesting children? I'd like to think I would never but the truth is I don't know. I haven't been put in that situation. I'm talking about this because in the film they didn't vilify the people who knew but kept it a secret. It could have been easy to tear down those lawyers, cops, and parents who kept their mouth shut. Spotlight basically shows how the church and everyone involved let down, the victims and protecting, while not making an argument against religion. It's a movie about people and their actions, not an anti-religion piece.

Spotlight is a great example of what investigative journalism is. The story and the journalists' work is present in a clear and understandable way, it's a lot of information but nothing is dumb down. You're engaged in the investigation, in the work that goes into it, and on the effects it has on the characters. The performances are on point, as good as the script is, you easily believe the authenticity of each character. You see them as real people. A couple of performances stands out, mainly Mark Ruffalo's because his character has some great moments. He seems to be the most affected by their investigation, whereas the other characters look more impartial in contrast.

Like I've tweeted before, Spotlight is the best 2hours I've spent in a theater in the last 6months.

By @ericgarcy

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The fifth misopportunity, 26 January 2016

The 5th Wave book was a pleasant surprise when I read so I was looking forward to the movie. Chloe Grace Moretz as Cassie made sense to me, alleviating any worries I might have had about a silver screen adaptation.

Beat by beat the movie reflected the book. It was nice, at first, to see it take form but that feeling kind of died down. The movie wasn't hitting all the marks. The comedic was off, the the acting wasn't always amazing, but overall the biggest problem was the pacing. They tried to cram a lot in a limited amount of time and failed to time it out perfectly. It's not clear how much time goes by, which makes bonds between the characters look too weak for them to care that much about one another, or the skills these kid soldier have really easy to acquire.

The few changes they made to the story was smart, and some of the action scenes were well done, but these efforts became obsolete with the way the movie was directed and edited. And for some obscure reason I feel like the budget was spent poorly. I don't know why, I guess it looks that way.

The 5th Wave remains an entertaining movie but it feels more like a teen flick for prepubescent tweets than a Young Adult movie.

By @ericgarcy

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Jane Got a Gun and kind of missed the shot, 24 January 2016

I was among the lucky people to have seen the movie premier in Paris tonight. Going in I was mildly excited for the film, wondering how much of an effect the tumultuous development had on the final product.

Jane Got a Gun is interesting for sure but it's slooow. The first two acts are desperately trying to built tension with a slow dead like pace, and long silences, that only puts the audience to sleep. I actually dozed off a few times. It's a shame because I think there's something special about it.

The story is good with a few minor surprises and solid acting. Even in the long silences the actors were engaged and conveyed the adequate emotions. Joel Edgerton and Natalie Portman have some great moments, their performances are riddles by subtleties that make for powerful scenes, ruined by shots a couple of seconds too long. The movie picks up though, it come as a breath of fresh air, after slogging our way through the first two acts.

So after all of the cast and recast of actors and directors what suffered? My guess the editing because some scenes could have been cut short while maintaining the message. Jane Got a Gun could probably be one of those movies that will become a cult classic.

By @ericgarcy

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Better when marketing is avoided, 23 January 2016

There's a few things I feel like I have to say before this review. I always try to be objective when I watch a movie, form my own opinion, before subjecting myself to others' opinion. But with this movie, way back when it was under in its casting stage, I wanted Tatiana Maslany to play Sarah Connor. And then I heard these mixed to negative reviews on the film so I pushed it off because I didn't want to waste my time on it.

I saw today turns out it's not half as bad as I thought it would be. I liked the story, the action looked good, and there were enough questions left unanswered for me to be interested in a sequel. My only problem with the film was that the marketing ruined the film, it revealed way too much, and I probably wouldn't have liked the movie if I had seen it while the Marketing was on. Because it's only when I saw the movie, I remembered seeing some key scenes in the trailers and TV Spots.

By @ericgarcy

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Memorable performances, 20 January 2016

Going in I only new three things about the cast and crew, Les Miserables and The King's Speech Tom Hooper directed it, and that Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander starred in it. So imagine my surprise when I saw the supporting cast, Ben Whishaw that I've loved for a decade now, and crazy talented Matthias Schoenaerts.

The Danish Girl is in the Zeitgeist. The transgender community have been making the news these days and this film tackling this subject matter at a time - the 1930s - when it was even less accepted.

The film got to me, it made me incredibly uncomfortable, I shuddered and even put my sweater's hoodie on, because I couldn't imagine that a man would even consider or dare to go out dressed as woman in the late 1930s no less. It took courage, and for two hours I was scared for Lili's life. It goes to show the realism that exudes from the screen. Like I've also said in my trailer review the movie has a weight to it, it's emotionally charged, and is a great journey to embark on. Tom Hooper tackled the story brilliantly by infusing an elusive shift to the way he filmed Einar and Lili. Some of the shots and cinematography were beautiful and felt very intimate.

The intimacy and bubble like atmosphere of the film is accentuated by the chemistry Vikander and Redmayne have. I never had a doubt that Redmayne could do it, his performances are usually intricate and riddled with subtleties, so it was a pleasure to see in The Danish Girl. But The reel surprise for me was Alicia Vikander, who completely stole the show. She one upped Redmayne's incredible performance and made the story her own. It's Gerda's story and it's a beautiful one. The performances are completed with memorable appearances by Ben Whishaw and Matthias Schoenaerts, who are great, and also Amber Heard who I didn't recognize but liked in this role.

The Danish Girl is a threat, solid performances, nicely directed but it might not be for everybody.

By @ericgarcy

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The deparment of denfense new add campaign, 17 January 2016

I was engaged in the story throughout the film. Chris and how Bradley Cooper portrayed him fascinated me. His resolve and determination were palpable. The subtle shift in his behavior after each tours were obvious to me - which technically does not make them subtle. Then at the end we finally have a glimpse of the cowboy we first met, while at the same time see that he was changed.

But I wasn't as emotionally invested in the film as I thought I'd be. Probably because the movie has a tendency to look like an add campaign for the U.S. Military. It's not promoting war or anything but it kind of looks like a nicely directed action-based commercial. Despite the intensity, the violence, and the drama in some scenes it's the archive footage that got to me. It took me by surprised and I shed a few tears.

American Sniper is a war epic drama that entertains but lacks subtlety. A good movie that you'll probably not going to watch again whether you like or not.


Sicario (2015)
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A tension filled movie with low replay value, 17 January 2016

The first thing that struck me with this movie is the score. It draws you in and put you in the mood of the scene that's before you. The score helps to set the tone and it's tense. You can feel the tension in the film but there's also something looming on the edges that you won't be able to get to for the better part of the movie. It can be frustrating but if you're like me, it's the best part of the movie because you're trying to figure out what's really going on.

The film is beautiful in its gore, some scenes are bloody, gritty and very graphic, but they're so masterfully directed that they feel natural. So natural indeed that Sicario also shows that life continues even in the midst of horror, destruction, and violence.

The tension never lets up, and it's mostly due to the charismatic performances in this film. Benecio Del Toro completely steals the movie, he is mysterious, charismatic, and menacing in this movie. There's a glimpse of a softer side to his character that only accentuates the more chilling parts of him. Emily Blunt is also very convincing in this film, she's as lost as the viewers are but her character hangs on and tries to piece together the puzzle that is laid out in front of her. As for Josh Brolin his presence on screen and performance complement Del Toro's.

Sicario a tension filled movie suffers from the trifecta of having a solid script by Taylor Sheridan, incredible performances by the main and supporting cast, and a great execution by Villeneuve. Sicario is the kind of movie you watch after a palate-cleanser type of film.

By @ericgarcy

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